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Technical Specification  
Type FM – 801 – NO/NC – ø 1.968
Output Programmable NO/NC
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Voltage Tolerance (%) - 5 / + 10VDC
Switching Capacity Of Relay 3A(250VAC/30VDC)
Setting Range For Liquids 50 – 5000 K-gal / min
Setting Range For Gases 3000 – 5000 K-gal / min
Switching Point Accuracy 30 K-gal / min
Hysterisis 30K-gal / min
Repeatability 15K – gal / min
Response Time 1 To 10 Second
Ambient Temperature - 25°C  To 80°C
Control Unit Enclosure GF Nylon
Sensing Rod SS 316
Enclosure Size ø1.968 X 4.763
Protection Grade IP67
Safety Instructions
  • Please read the product description prior to set-up of the unit.

  • The unit conforms to the relevant regulations and EC directives.

  • Improper or non-intended use may lead to malfunctions of the unit.

  • That's why installation, electrical connection, set-up, operation of the
    unit must be carried by the qualified person.
Operating principle

The unit detects the flow speed to the calorimetric measuring principle
and switches the output :-

  • Output closed if medium is flowing / output open if no medium is flowing

  • If the flow speed increases, the switching status changes when the switch
    point is reached.

  • If the flow speed falls again, the switching status changes if the value "SP
    minus hysteresis" is reached.

  • The typical response time of the unit is 1......... 10 s. It can be influenced
    by the setting of the switch point.

    1. Low switch point :- Quick reaction with rising flow.

    2. High switch point :- Quick reaction with falling flow.
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