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Bee Instruments
1, Mankar Bldg,
New Prabhadevi Road Opp. Prabhadevi Temple,
Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025 India.

E-mail: sales@beeinstruments.com
Who We Are
BEE, manufacturer of BEE instruments, Solid State Relays, Proximity Sensors, Signal conditioning Modules is India's leader in the test measurement and sensing industry. Established in 1958, BEE has helped define a unique market for quality products used in the manufacturing and service industry. In tune with continued innovation which has been the motto here, leading companies in the telecommunication, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, automation, packaging and manufacturing sectors as well as educational institutions depend on BEE products for their various Instrumentation requirements Apart from the domestic market, BEE also exports its instruments to major countries in five continents across the globe
What We Make
BEE specializes in manufacturing analog panel meters, Shunts, solid state relays.proximity Swithches, Signal Conditioning products.The product range offers a wide variety. Please visit the Products page for more information
What Entices The Customer
The word BEE is synonymus with quality and reliability in the test and measurement and Sensing industry. Experience of over four decades coupled with continued and dedicated R&D has enabled BEE to perfect the design of its product. As a result, the accuracy, ruggedness, precision, safety and reliability of BEE instruments guarantees the customer of a quality end-product. Besides, BEE specializes in made-to-order solutions where custom-made specifications provided by the client are transformed into reality. Finally, one of the most crucial concerns as a customer is affordability. BEE offers the most competetive prices in the industry today. Our clients based in India and abroad are a testimony to this fact.
Our Mission
To provide quality, economic and user-friendly solutions worldwide.

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